Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Next for Occupy Nashville?

Occupy Nashville has been on Legislative Plaza for three months this weekend and, like Occupy sites all over the country, conversations are being had about what's next for the movement.  While many Occupy groups have lost their sites through forced eviction, others have made strategic decisions to abandon the physical occupation part of what they've been doing in favor of a different model of activism, one that is not burdened by the difficulties of communal camp living and is less of an obvious target for local opposition.

I have some thoughts on this myself and plan to write about that this weekend too, but I'm soliciting input from others about this.  If you've given thought to this and have some ideas, or are just interested in the subject and have questions or other input you'd like considered, please email me so I can include what you have to say.  Also, please vote in poll about this on this page, right hand column.