(On Legislative Plaza, October 6, 2011)


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1.  Occupy Nashville welcomed state lawmakers to opening day of the 2012 legislative session with a bribe for their representation.This was a direct action staged on Legislative Plaza, Capitol Hill in Nashville on January 10, 2012.  Video of stills I shot, in slide show put to Occupy music, here.

2.  I shot a lot of stills on the plaza during visits between October and December 2011.  A few of those have been put into video slide shows set to Occupy music.  Here are volumes onetwo, and three.

3.  This is a video featuring some of the women who have been a part of Occupy Nashville.  Shot on the plaza in 2011, see it here.

4.  This one is a playlist of fifteen short videos (total length, about one hour, twenty minutes) and is video recording of significant parts of the Occupy Nashville general assembly held on June 7, 2012 in which the Internal Restorative Justice group reported and the body decided to shun Jason Steen. 

5.  Additional video footage from the June 7, 2012 ON GA is in these four videos left out of the above playlist. See Mickey Russell, Michael CusterDarlene, and Jason Steen.


1.  There are about four hundred still shots in this set on Flickr.  Some are in a few of the videos above, most are not. 

2.  Here are some stills I shot at rallies in Nashville in 2011 leading up the onset of Occupy Nashville in October of that year.  You'll probably see familiar faces here.

3.  This is a facebook album of photos from the January 10, 2012 Occupy Nashville "bribe" of the state legislature.  Some of these are in a video listed in the section above, most are not.