Monday, June 11, 2012

Have You Seen the "Crazy Lady" Video?

If you follow Occupy Nashville on Twitter, you've no doubt seen the tweets all weekend that post a link to a video recorded at the ON general assembly on June 7th, last Thursday.  Tweets teased with things like "Lady Goes Crazy @ #occupynashville."  If you haven't seen the video yet, you can, here.

Wow!  Looks pretty nuts, huh?  Especially if you have no context, back story, or, um, more video?  (Which, of course, is how it was tweeted out.)  Well, turns out there is, in fact, all of that.  We have context, back story, and, yes, more video.

If you read the blog entry I posted yesterday, Nuckin' Futz, and watched the videos of the GA that I posted, you already know some of the back story and you may have also noticed there was some commotion about who was shooting video and still photography at the GA.  You also know that there was a lot of discussion in that meeting about Jason Steen having used a copyrighted photo (taken by me, interestingly enough) as part of a smear campaign against a woman who was part of Occupy Nashville.

But there's still a lot you don't know.  First, there's a piece of video I hadn't included in the playlist of videos I shot Thursday night.  The reason it was not included was because it ends with Darlene asking Jason a question and I found his responses so uninteresting and short and not related to the question asked that I just didn't post either of them.  It didn't seem at the time that omitting two short pieces of video would distort the story of what happened in GA, so I left 'em out.  You can see it here, and hear Darlene go into some of the reasons she was attempting to stop Alvin Lewis Wade, Jr. from filming.  (If you're bored to tears, you can also now see Jason's response, here.

Here's what else you should know about this incident.  Wade, who shot the video, took it off the internet after he posted it.  Why?  Because he and Darlene spoke and he felt it had all been a misunderstanding.  In fact, he posted in the closed group I introduced you to in yesterday's blog entry (which you seriously need to read now if you're ever gonna keep up with the insanity of this drama) to that effect...that he had removed the video from his YouTube account and that it was all a misunderstanding.  Wade stated elsewhere that Jason Steen had asked him to come to the GA to take pictures of people attending, but denied any knowledge of Jason having used the photography of others to slander any individual or plans to do the same with what he was shooting.

So why have tweets touting this video been papering the Occupy Nashville Social Media facebook page all weekend?

(Click to enlarge.)

Well...Do you remember my introducing you to DrTweeker?  And, did you note who owns the video account where you watched the video that the person who recorded it had taken off the internet because he thought it was all a misunderstanding?

I know.  It's hard to keep up.  Let me keep this really simple here.

  • Occupy Nashville GA determined unanimously on Thursday night to shun Jason Steen from all social media for Occupy Nashville and to shun his speech because of unacceptable behavior that included attacking ON participants online with posts tagged #occupynashville so they were assured to be displayed for all to see on the Occupy Nashville Social Medial facebook page and also received as a tweet by every Twitter account holder who follows Occupy Nashville.  That was Thursday night.
  • Jason Steen responds by...attacking another woman from Occupy Nashville, via posts online, tagged #occupynashville.  And he does it over and over and over again.  With video that the guy who shot it has told him point blank he took off the internet because it was all a misunderstanding. 

Earlier today I wondered at how it is I can still be surprised by these guys.  I mean, honestly, what is wrong with me that I can still be shocked?  I had to give up, because I don't know.  But, here's what else I don't know...why are those posts sitting on the Occupy Nashville Social Media facebook page?  All weekend?  All of them?  Why has the admin for that page not removed them?

Perhaps they're too busy in the closed group to be bothered by ridding the social media page of inflammatory posts about yet another woman in Occupy.  From the mail I've been getting, it appears to be a hoppin' little joint.  I was kinda hard on 'em yesterday here on the blog, so I'll be nicer today and note that they did name it appropriately, but you can decide for yourself by checkin' out Occudrama....

And, of course, Jason Steen is there.  With Custer et al.  The delusions I attempted to report yesterday here have, I'm a "bully," and a photograph of me holdin' a gun is "circumstantial evidence" of the fact.  I kid you not.

There are two remaining pieces of video that I had not posted before now, but since I'm droppin' the others, I'll go ahead and drop these as well.  All things considered, it seems sort of appropriate.  I had thought at first that they didn't really add anything to the story of GA, but it turns out they are a couple of more windows into the mess that has become Occupy Nashville.

First, here's Mickey Russell, Jason Steen's boyfriend.  You've met Mick on this blog before too, and the first time was here.  You may remember him as Joe Black.  (Why do all these guys have aliases anyway?)  The note on this video from Thursday night is self explanatory.  Note to Mick:  You made it, big'un.

The last video I have to post is also the last thing I shot that night on the plaza.  It's of Michael Custer speaking.  He wasn't through speaking when I shut the camera off, but I was through listening, because I've seen the Custer show before.  You, however, can enjoy it here.  Just remember when you watch him tell ya about how all the problems they've had in ON have been because of things that have gone on "when no one is looking," that he's probably over in the new closed group his wife started after GA the other night hangin' with Jason Steen who the GA unanimously shunned the other night for defaming people online in the name of Occupy and the same Custer who...Oh, this is where you came in, right?