Sunday, February 26, 2012

Occupy Thugs

Four people associated with Occupy Nashville have so far been doxed, at the hands of other members of the movement.  The first was Dorsey, the second was Trillian, the third was me.  Those have mostly been escapades akin to Keystone Cop capers, but the latest one has resulted in a reaction I'm not sure the people who are behaving like children by doing this expected.

The above photo is of Jason Steen after he was apparently assaulted by the fourth person this group of thugs doxed, an occupier named Andrew Henry.  Jason and his boyfriend, Joe A. Black (alias), spent Friday and Saturday night this weekend posting on fb that they were drunk, having sex, and talking about me.  (Yeah, I thought it all a bit distasteful myself, too bawdy for this blog, but somebody sent copies of it to me and I'll send them to anybody who doubts what a good time this crew is if they request by email.) And the dox on Andrew came out.

So, tonight, Andrew's in jail on $3,000 bond waiting for trial, and Jason has a black eye.  Occupy Nashville has a black eye.  Again.  This all breaking on the same day I watched the only person I've ever seriously considered might be a paid agent suggest I was one.  I'm tellin' y'all, this only gets stranger day by day.

Where and when does this insanity stop?  This isn't what democracy looks like.  This is what chaos created by thugs looks like and it's been sanctioned by Occupy Nashville in its to date unwillingness to hold people accountable for their behavior.