Saturday, February 18, 2012

Occupiers Turned Away From Nashville Bar?

If you follow Occupy Nashville news, you're probably aware that a group of ON protesters were denied entrance to a bar on Broadway last night.  Since the incident, facebook has been lit up with numerous threads full of outraged comments posted by ON supporters expressing condemnation of the owners of the establishment for discriminating against the occupiers.  You can find the threads on the bar's facebook page, ON's public page , and their group page as well, for starters.

I've read a great deal of it while smirking.  When I wasn't snorting.  Smirking and snorting because I was watching the live stream as the incident occurred and I submit that the feigned outrage from ON is just that...feigned.  Well, feigned and misplaced.  Perhaps the most regrettable piece of it all was the silly comparison of ON people being denied entrance to a bar in the middle of one of their actions to blacks being denied their civil rights during the 60s.  Yes, idiots actually had the nerve to present such a position.  Good grief.

Isn't anybody wondering how the people at the door knew the group were occupiers from ON?  Do you think it might have anything to do with the fact that they were armed with Occupy Nashville fliers and flowers they'd been passing out to patrons on the sidewalk outside the bar in question?  Before they stopped to try and go in?  Do you think they noticed, too, the guy doing the talking was also live streaming the action?'re the proprietor of a bar in arguably the hottest tourist strip in Nashville.  Would you instruct your employees to not allow protesters into your establishment?  I would.  It was peak business hours for these people; they should invite an almost guaranteed disruption into their midst?  Would you?

I understand the recorded footage of this has been edited and linked to as well.  Cool.  Did the part where the Occupy Nashville guy streaming the footage was loudly and belligerently calling the bar employee a "fucking douche bag" make the cut?

The irony, or, perhaps, tragedy, of this all is that it's not like Occupy Nashville doesn't have plenty of fights to put energy into.  It's not like the state of Tennessee isn't poised to evict them, probably next week.  How smart was it to create a public incident like this?