Monday, May 14, 2012

Evil Unveiled at Occupy Nashville

Just when I was sure I'd never have to write another word about the insanity that has been Occupy Nashville, local NBC affiliate WSM did an investigative piece that spotlighted an activist who was a prominent member of ON for several months.  You can see a recap of the story online here.  If your only information about the Evil Unveiled website and the participation of Wolfy in Occupy Nashville comes from the Jeremy Finley report, you're going to be lacking some vital information, however, so let's get a few more facts out here, shall we?

First of all, I want to point out that the repeated assertions in the WSM piece that those involved with the Evil Unveiled website aren't "professionals or cops" may serve the agenda of some to discount the information to be found on that site, but you should know that the ABC affiliate in Omaha, Nebraska (KETV) also ran a three part series about Evil Unveiled earlier this year and the picture they presented is not the one shown by WSM.  KETV sent a reporter to Nashville to interview the same EU member interviewed by WSM.  But the KETV reports paint a picture of a website that, while not officially aligned with law enforcement, is most certainly used by law enforcement in their own investigations.  In fact, it was because the EU site was referenced in case files for a convicted pedophile that KETV came to Nashville to do a story on EU in the first place.  I recommend you check out all three parts of their series, here, here, and here.  Indeed, EU has played a part in helping to bring to justice more than one pedophile.  Wolfy may very well be the next.

But, back to the WSM report.  Wolfy.  Wolfy, Wolfy, Wolfy.  What is it about these guys?  Do they really think they can brag about their escapades and then, when discovered, get away with claiming that someone is impersonating them?  Apparently.  In the WSM interview, Wolfy says he's 1) never heard of the EU site and 2) that he didn't know he's been accused of being a pedophile.  Except that both of these statements are lies. 

I interviewed "Victoria" myself about this and learned that not only did Wolfy know about the Evil Unveiled site, he has actually bragged in an IRC room online about being featured on it with his own page.  (You can see a transcript about that on the EU fb page here.)  Also, while I was at "Victoria's" home to speak with her, she showed me on her computer screen when Wolfy commented about how "easy" it was for him to "slip into" his pedophile mode.  Yes, he had the good timing to do it while both of us were monitoring the room.  And, yes, I would be willing to go to court and say I saw it.

There also seems to be some confusion about what other members of Occupy Nashville knew and when they knew it regarding allegations of Wolfy being a pedophile.  In my blog entry of March 8th, here, I reported a little about how I came myself to hear of Wolfy being a pedophile.  As noted, I notified a member of the ON legal team on the same day I received the information, which was January 6th.  The EU page on Wolfy wasn't published until January 31st, so it's not true that ON did not have any reports about Wolfy being accused of being a pedophile until the EU page was published.  I've also seen transcripts of IRC logs showing another prominent member of Occupy Nashville (ov3rkll/John Smith/John Watts) has been present with Wolfy in the room on more than one occasion and it's clear that the two of them know each other from ON.

The only person impersonating Wolfy in this instance is Wolfy.  I'll admit to grinning when I saw him comment in the WSM report confirming that he's from a military own informant (the one Wolfy confessed to) had already told me that.  No, my friends, Wolfy IS Wolfy.  Albert Rankin.  It's not a surprise he hasn't gotten back to Finley to follow up.  He thought he was going to be interviewed for his glorious participation with Occupy Nashville and was instead caught off guard by being confronted with the allegations about his pedophilia.  The nervousness he displayed on camera was surely genuine.  No doubt.

So,where are we tonight?  Well, surprise!  Back to bashing the messenger again!  Do check out the Evil Unveiled fb page here and also the comments on the WSM page.  The attack pack has already sprung into action, threatening to publish again the same nasty material they published (from pedophiles) about one of the people associated with the EU site.  I say go for it.  Because every time this comes up, one of them does or says something stupid to incriminate themselves and the case for their apprehension and conviction gets stronger.  They can't help themselves. 

In closing, I'll cop to the fact that I got my biggest laugh of the night when Wolfy suggested this all might be slander.  Uh huh.  In your dreams, buddy, in your dreams.  More like your worst damn nightmare and it ain't even over.