Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Matty (Hamill)

Matt Hamill recently posted a wordy whine on the Women Occupy Nashville facebook I administer, but because I've had him blocked from my personal page for quite a while, I didn't see his post until earlier this morning when I unblocked some people.  After reading his lengthy missive, I've concluded that Matt continues to occupy a world that revolves exclusively around him, but the unfortunate truth is that he's delusional.  Or a liar.  Your call.  This post is my response to Matt's dump on the WON page.


Dear Little Matt,

You've implied that this blog has "slandered" you and presented "misinformation."  Do tell.  Mah friend, slander, by definition, includes false information.  Now, I totally get that you've no doubt endured some consternation at seeing me catalog some of your shenanigans here, but you'd be hard put to find one word I've written in this blog about you that isn't the truth.  If you believe otherwise, I urge you to take whatever legal action you deem necessary posthaste.  (Btw, just for the record, my sentiments regarding your discomfort over all this can best be summed up by sayin' simply, tough shit.)

An example of what slander really is your posting online that I'm a methadone addict.  I know you fancy yourself a "journalist," but I'm gonna give you some free advice here:  do your damn homework.  Just as you didn't do any checking on the creep you interviewed who lied about his military service and was convicted and served time for beating two different women in two different states, you didn't do any checking when you went rogue with your allegation about me.  You seem to think that because you found a "mahdeardixie" registered on an online forum for methadone addicts that 1) it was me and 2) that I'm a methadone addict.  The main thing you need to know here is that you should be damned glad I'm retired now and no longer need my license to work, because if I did, Matty, I'd see your funky butt in court in a New York minute.  I have never used methadone in my life.  I did, however, work as the coordinator for intakes and assessments in a methadone program for a short time some years ago.  That, mah friend, is the only connection between myself and methadone.  Yeah, I know it's not as sexy as your story, but there it is.

Before going further, I must also say thanks to you for stating publicly that the conviction you served time for was about drug selling, not simple possession or use.  See, Matt?  Another thing I did when I was still working was be part of the team that set up one of the first drug courts in the nation, back in the 90s.  And, once the program was up and running, it was my assessment reports that the judge used in determining whether or not a defendant would get jail time or be mandated to treatment for drug addiction.  I'm pleased to say that there was never one case that he didn't take my recommendation on, but you may be unhappy to learn that I never once recommended a drug dealer who wasn't an addict be given treatment instead of jail time.  Why, Matty?  Because an addict is an addict for a number of different reasons, reasons that can often be addressed and overcome in a structured program of recovery.  But, drug dealers?  Sorry, but they're different critters.  They are better served by a program of rehabilitation that includes something akin to Moral Reconation Therapy.  Matty, dear, I've also taught MRT in a prison setting and it's my sincere wish that if you ever find yourself again incarcerated, you're able to avail yourself of that help.  Seriously.

I'd have to lie were I to say I'm torn up that your relationship with your girlfriend fell apart, but I just can't see how I can take any credit for it personally.  Damn.  I do what I can, but I don't even own a phone that I text from.  I've never sent a text in my life.  Yeah, I know.  Just an ol' fart stuck in another century, perhaps, but there ya have it.  I will, however, go out on a limb here and postulate that any problems you had with your relationship were likelier about you and her than me or anybody else.  Jest sayn.

And, Matty, just so you know, the "Molly Dessert" person also contacted me several times and related the story about leaving a check for donations to Occupy Nashville on the plaza and getting it back with your name on the "Pay to" line. 

As for the problems you encountered when you last visited your probation officer?  Well, boohoo again, ok?  Alas, since I don't do anything anonymously, I can't take credit for this one either.  I'll suggest to ya, however, that you might have avoided at least part of that had you been honest and asked for permission to leave the state before you did so.  Actually, that's a good case in point about the difference between a recovering addict and a drug dealer...a recovering addict who was working a program of recovery would never have dishonestly just gone without permission through proper channels.  A drug dealer?  Well.  Recovering addicts are about changing their behavior.  About honesty.  About not creating more problems for themselves, not putting themselves in jeopardy.  For that matter, a smart drug dealer might have left the state without permission, but they wouldn't have streamed the fact that they were on probation and out of state for anybody to use the information that wanted to.  Reminds me a bit of Wolfy frequently outing himself online for his escapades because he can't stop himself from boasting about what he thinks are cool things he's done and then crying because there are repercussions for his bad behavior.

I find your frequent references to paid provocateurs of particular interest, especially since you yourself are really the only person I've ever wondered for more than a hot minute about in that regard.  F'real, I would still like to know more about what went down during the minutes you were apart from ON supposedly being "arrested" before being released without charges.  But I must tell ya that I've laughed large at the notion anybody would think they could pay a 65 year old woman to fit into an activist movement like Occupy Nashville smoothly as an agent.  However, if you're able to determine that there's monies due to me, I could f'sure use 'em.  Hook me up, will ya?

While I have your attention, Matty, might I bring something else up?  I saw in a recent email that was circulating your assertion that you've never done anything to make ON "look bad."  Geeze.  Catch up, will ya?  If memory fails you, just read this blog and follow links and references; it'll come back to ya.  And, for the record, not discussed on this blog, but noted nonetheless...not even your mother would likely enjoy you "drumming" along to music nobody can hear but you.  Further, if you must "drum" without a shirt, might I suggest 1) sit ups and 2) either pull your pants up or buy better underwear.  I know that doesn't square with the opinion you have of yourself, but I'm sharin' anyway.

I think that about wraps it up on this end, Matty.  I'll add only that I think your picture could very well be in the dictionary next to the entry for narcissism.  I think you might find it instructive were you to view a few of your archived streams and note how may times and to how many people you go out of your way in the pursuit of self promotion.  Does it amuse you to know I've even heard of a drinking game in which participants must chug-a-lug every time you say how "badass" something you're doing is?

Sadly, Matt, I think you're mostly evolving into a sort of insider Occupy joke.  And you're wondering why people aren't lining up to be part of your "team?"  In my more charitable moments, I wish for you a good editor, however, preferably one who knows the rules about capitalization and the use of apostrophes, for starters.

Are you leaving Occupy Nashville or not?  Are we to believe you when you say you're going to Oakland?  Atlanta?  Or are we to believe you when you sound like you'll try to find your last gasp here?  Well.  I think you know my preference.  Make mah day, will ya?