Friday, March 9, 2012

Where's Jason?

I know.  It's hard to keep up, right?  Here's what just happened:

1)  Jason Steen was publicly outed for lying about another member of Occupy Nashville.

2)  As a result of his breaking the ON Code of Conduct as it applies to respectful communication with other participants of the movement, Jason was issued a temporary ban prohibiting him from posting via ON social media outlets.

3)  Jason goes before ON's General Assembly last night in order to submit a proposal that the ban be postponed because he wants to be able to tweet and stream his "arrest" when ON is evicted from the plaza.  This would be the "arrest" he's promised all the while begging for money to be used for his "bail."

4)  Most of the GA shows back bone (snort) by abstaining from voting on the proposal, so it passes with consensus based on the handful of people who voted.

5)  After having his proposal pass GA, Jason leaves the plaza.

(Photo of Steen found online)

So, here we are, almost 24 hour later, but where is Jason?  No tweets for ON.  No stream from Jason.  The one tent still on the plaza isn't his.  Where'd he go?

He wouldn't disappear without getting arrested for the revolution.  Would he?  He didn't collect money under false pretenses.  Did he?

Y'all that gave money to his fund don't look silly now.  Do you?

I'm not sayin' I told you so.  But if I was, I'd have a big ol' feces consuming grin on mah face.

Now.  I'm.  done.