Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will They Do the Right Thing?

Occupy Nashville continues to censor their facebook page.  The following comment posted by me this afternoon has been removed: 

"How 'bout maybe Jason was beat up because people don't like to be doxed?  Andrew was the fourth person a part of ON that was doxed by this crew.  I'm thinkin' it's likely that had a lot to do with why Jason got his butt kicked.  Between that and the $130 missing, I'd say it's quite a stretch for anybody to play Jason out as a victim because he was an occupier.  Let's get real here, ok?"

This was in the thread about the Daily Kos post which dishonestly gives the impression that Jason Steen was beaten because he was an occupier.  Interestingly enough, the lead "comment" after the article is a link to Jason's WePay account soliciting donations. 

To be clear here:

1)  Jason Steen and his boyfriend have recently doxed four Occupy Nashville participants and the most recent one of those is now in jail charged with attacking him.

2)  Doxing people is a violation of the Code of Conduct for Occupy Nashville.

3)  If the ON General Assembly reaches consensus to ban the attacker of Jason Steen for violating Code of Conduct (and they probably should), they must also do the same with Jason and "Joe."

4)  ON's current General Assembly has no integrity if they cannot act with uniformity in this matter and should be disbanded in favor of a new GA if they do not.