Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Fail for Stream Team

Irony is often not appreciated so much as noted because the phenomenon is frequently so frustrating.  Such was surely my experience this evening in the Occupy Nashville live stream chat room.

As about 20 were in the room (more than twice the usual number in recent weeks after earlier numbers sometimes in the hundreds), chat comments turned to the soiree the live stream boys had a week ago tonight at a bar close to the occupation site.  Several chatters expressed their displeasure with what they had witnessed that night, much of it as described in this entry I posted to this blog earlier today, and two mods went into defensive mode.  Both, of course, had been part of the party, so things went down hill in a hurry.  Combined responses from the two mods are best described as a two step dance that included equal parts of insisting the conversation cease and whining about how they and their team are not understood.  We quickly got to this point:

8:47 PM  The chat room has been cleared by the moderator.
8:47 PM  xxxx has disabled participation in the chat room.
8:48 PM  xxxx We all need a break.  Obviously.  Chat Closed.
8:50 PM  xxxx Stream Team will talk and decide what to do with chat.
8:51 PM  xxxx Its turned into a constant bicker-fest... and THAT does not advance the movement.
8:58 PM  The chat room has been cleared by the moderator.
So, once again, as chatters tried to get an audience with those with whom they have a grievance, the chat was cleared.  On other occasions when this has occurred, there have been power plays that included 5-minute shut downs of chat, but this represents an escalation in shutting down criticism.

Maybe it really is their party, after all, and we just thought it was about Occupy Nashville.