Saturday, December 17, 2011

Occupy Nashville Does Saturday

Weekends on the plaza are often bustling affairs, with usually at least one or two group activities and a General Assembly meeting scheduled during the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday.  Today was no exception, and the plaza was alive with meetings and those who just wanted to enjoy the sunshine.

A group as large as more than twenty people at times met to discuss their visions for the future of Occupy Nashville.  Participants included both those who physically occupy the plaza and those whose participation is mostly off site.

Others enjoyed the opportunity to have relaxed time with each other while enjoying the sunny if chilly day.  There's been a lot of rain and I heard more than one person express gratitude for being able to spend more time outside their tents!

At least one person found the sun warmed day to be the perfect opportunity for a nap in the open air.

Occupy Nashville has its share of holiday trees too.  Some occupiers have chosen to pitch their tents in the shadow of the state tree, but I also saw a delightful tree in one of the tents.

At the General Assembly meeting today, it was decided that regular GAs will no longer be held seven days a week.  The new schedule will have GA occurring on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7pm and on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm.  Those GAs will have agendas mostly limited to announcements, proposals, and soap box.  The 7pm time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will now be time for working groups to meet on the plaza, though they can, of course, continue to meet elsewhere and more often as they want or need to.  General Assemblies are one of the best ways to get to know more about Occupy Nashville and the occupiers always welcome visitors.